Applying to grad school

Casey Caruso
1 min readMay 23, 2020

I recently studied for and took the GRE. A few friends have asked me for tips in how to prepare so I wanted to write a quick guide on how I would approach the process.

1) Take a practice test to understand where you stand

This should be your first step. I immediately realized verbal was going to be the struggle for me while quant came very easily.

2) Make a study plan

This is crucial for staying organized and making sure you learn the right things. Here is mine:

3) Get a tutor, not a class

This is obviously super subjective and personal but in my opinion, the classes aren’t worth the costs. Instead get a tutor for 1:1 attention. I got tutors through Magoosh and Gregmat and LOVED them both. These two services (Magoosh and GregMat) are absolutely incredible.

4) Just take as many old tests as possible

The best way to study is just taking old exams. Over and over again. Don’t time yourself at first, and go through the questions you got wrong very carefully.



Casey Caruso

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